Day after days, composite products are becoming  more present in our lives, The Composite revolution started few decades ago with the production of small consuming products, then extended to medium-size products application as for car industries. Today thanks to computer modelisation, robotics, the outbreak of new raw materials and transversal R&D ,the Composite Technologies are entering a new age, breaking in all heavy industrial processes, allowing to manufacture  huge and sophisticated machines as airplanes, windmills, truck-bodies, containers, boats and so many others. With Composite , you build your products  lighter, stronger, more sophisticated.Composite is allowing genuine solution steel or aluminum never did. With Composite you design the world of tomorrow, more accurate, more efficient, more respectful of the environement, more respectful of people . With composite you will build your future.

Since 1995, the TEYSSIER team is leading in Composite industrial and commercial project development all over the Asean and Asia -Pacific zone

Our main fields of application remain the Composite processes and know-how applied to transportation & rolling-stock industries. On a more extensive way:  large sized FRP production lines., and Thermo-insulation solution applied to massive products as boats, movable plants  get our favors.

In 2015, considering innovation, that led to the creation of a new generation of robots, TEYSSIER Industries decided to open a specific robotic department to offer flexible, cheap and efficient solution to our customers.

TEYSSIER Industries  is  incorporated in Singapore for an ideal strategic location in South East Asia, and worldwide.

Area of expertise
  • Trailers
  • Turnkey plants
  • Robotized composite process
  • Composite supplies
  • Robotic solutions